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A professional way to remove air in central heating systems

Posted on: October 11th, 2011 No Comments

The accumulation of air in central heating systems is one of the most common problems that prevent a system running efficiently.

One of the most effective ways of removing these air pockets is to have the system powerflushed and one of the most effective companies carrying out this procedure is ADI Powerflushing.

As well as removing grime and sludge from radiators, powerflushing also removes air bubbles that have built up over time by seeping through tiny cracks in the system. This air gathers in the radiator and is trapped there, stopping water from reaching the top of the radiator and therefore inhibiting the whole system from working as effectively as it should.

Air in central heating systems tends to gather most in radiators on upper floors so if you have radiators upstairs, your system could benefit from powerflushing.

The highly trained and professional plumbing and heating engineers at ADI – all their engineers are fully qualified – use the most up-to-date equipment to powerflush the system and restore it to its optimum efficiency, saving you money and ensuring your home is heated properly.

Don’t delay – get rid of the air that’s dragging your central heating system down by calling ADI Powerflushing free on 0800 731 3843 now.

At ADI Powerflushing we Provide High Quality Powerflushing Services throughout the UK – This blog post was written for you by our experienced Power Flushing Specialists who provide Powerflushing in North London, just a few of the services they provide are Powerflushing in N19 Upper Holloway, Power Flushing N20 Whetstone and Powerflushing N21 Winchmore Hill.