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Central heating contractors in London

Posted on: October 11th, 2011 No Comments

So you are looking to get a new central heating system installed in your home for the winter? The difficulty is there are so many companies who offer this sort of service so who do you choose?  Well take a moment to consider ADI. ADI is a company who, amongst other things, install and repair central heating systems. Our specialised central heating contractors in London have all the qualities that you as the customer demands from a tradesman.

When our contractors are hired by you they make sure that any mess that could possibly be caused, by things such as drilling, is cleaned up before they leave the premises. We understand that too often customers are left cleaning up the mess that a tradesman makes, and it doesn’t knock anything off the price either.

We guarantee that the only mark our contractors make will be the warmth and comfort of your new central heating system. Central heating contractors in London are located throughout the city and suburbs, but we feel that ADI contractors are a mile ahead of everybody else as we constantly hear horror stories of dripping radiators and damages caused to your home only weeks after the contractor has left. At ADI we guarantee that none of our contractors will leave behind any such problems and this is why we urge you to contact ADI on 0800 731 3843 to find out more about us or to book an appointment.

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