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Central heating pump failure

Posted on: October 13th, 2011 No Comments

Unless you are skilled at DIY you should only carry out the most basic of repair jobs on your central heating. The system is complicated but more importantly, make a mistake and it could mean you need a whole new system.

If you find your radiators aren’t heating up or they are only warm downstairs but not upstairs, it could point to a central heating pump failure. Although vital, it isn’t as fatal as it sounds. The reasons to avoid tackling a replacement job yourself are numerous even if you are a dab hand at following instructions you find on the Internet or at B&Q. You need to be totally conversant with your system and what pumps are compatible. Like all technology, makes and models advance considerably so if you have an old system you may not be able to rectify a central heating pump failure simply by swapping in a new pump. You may need to change connective pipe work amongst other modifications. Then, even if you manage a successful installation you may have to balance your radiators.

The answer?

Call ADI powerflushing. Experts in all aspects of central heating, we are professionals who can provide advice on your central heating pump failure and fix the problem. Call today on 0800 731 3843

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