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Don’t settle for second-rate central heating repairs in Herts

Posted on: October 11th, 2011 No Comments

If, like many other people, you are searching for a reputable repair company to carry out repairs on your central heating system then look no further than ADI.

It’s only natural that when searching for somebody to carry out central heating repairs in Herts that you find only the very best.

Central heating repairs don’t come cheap  -  the cheapest may also not signify the best value for money. Think about the things that could go wrong.  How about the potential mess?

The engineer arrives and you carry on with your household chores or looking after the children thinking you’ve left the job in good hands. What a nightmare to walk back in to the site of the repair to find damage to your paintwork, stains on your cream carpet, scuff marks on your precious Antico flooring. We know that when carrying out central heating repairs there is the very real possibility of additional damage caused by the engineer. This is why at ADI we do our utmost to avoid such issues and make sure we clean up any additional damage and mess we make before we leave the premises.

If you are looking for a company to carry out central heating repairs in Herts then you should look no further than ADI.  Call us today on 0800 731 3843

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