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Get a Powerflush in London to Keep Your Heating Running All Winter Long

Posted on: October 21st, 2011 No Comments

Cold winters cause people to turn the heat up which can expose possible problems.  Issues that do not cause problems when your heating hasn’t been used in some time can be magnified by excessive use.  The recent winters have caused many home owners to use their central heating system like never before.

A powerflush in London can help keep your boiler running, even in the worst winter weather.  Powerflushing cleans out the systems so that it can run with minimal problems.  It is best to have this service performed at the same time you have the boiler cleaned and the system prepped for use.  This should also happen before the bad winter weather sets in.  If you wait until bad weather, you may find yourself without heat until ADI technicians can get to your property.

While we perform many services on an emergency basis if possible, a power flush takes several hours.  No one enjoys being without heat for an extended period of time.  Plus, when the heat is off, your pipes are at risk.  Freezing pipes are in danger of bursting and leaks are common after a pipe freezes.  Don’t face the winter weather without central heating and contact our team today on 0800 731 3843.

At ADI Powerflushing we Provide High Quality Powerflushing Services throughout the UK – This blog post was written for you by our experienced Power Flushing Specialists who provide Powerflushing in West London, just a few of the services they provide are Powerflushing in W4 Chiswick, Power Flushing W5 Ealing and Powerflushing W6 Hammersmith.