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How to Power Flush a Domestic Central Heating System?

Posted on: October 11th, 2011 No Comments

Are you wondering how to flush a domestic central heating system? If you find that your heating isn’t working properly, it could be that a good power flushing treatment will help. Sometimes the sludge inside the radiator needs to be drained away. If it is left there then it can cause your heating to feel cold in various areas and the radiator will need to work harder to warm up your home. This in turn uses up more energy which then costs you a lot more money. So power flushing is good for your wallet too.

What a Power Flush Consists Of

When looking at how to power flush a domestic central heating system, you’ll find that a chemical solution is added to water and that is then flushed through your radiators. The solution starts to eliminate any sludge and other debris in the heater. It then fully works when the heaters are switched on. Hard to shift debris is loosened by the heat and the solution.

ADI use the most advanced and high tech equipment to take care of your power flushing needs. You will benefit from extremely competitive prices and you can contact us free on 0800 731 3843 now for a quote.

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