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Never Look At Powerflushing As A Cost – It’s An Investment

Posted on: October 21st, 2011 No Comments

Home maintenance and repair can be expensive depending on the specific details of the job.  Some maintenance items require cosmetic repair when they’re finished, and some require many man hours which contribute to a potentially higher price tag.  A professional powerflush is usually priced reasonably for the number of man hours that it can take.  A full power flushing service can take up to eight hours or more depending on the property.

The more radiators a property has, the more expensive the service can be.  Radiators are the most time and labour intensive part of a powerflush service.  In some cases the pumps need to be hooked up to each radiator individually, while the engineer provides vibration from the outside to loosen particularly stubborn blockages.

Most home repair services fix existing problems, without adding any additional value, but with power flushing, you reap additional benefits beyond more that just reliable heat.  You will also notice a savings on your energy bill and you’ll know you’re reducing your carbon footprint.  When your heating system is working smarter, not harder, your costs go down.

When your pipes are blocked or clogged your heating system must run almost constantly to provide even heating.  Contact THE powerflushing specialists today – 0800 731 3843.

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