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Power Flushing in Kent Can Keep Your Radiator Sludge Free

Posted on: October 21st, 2011 No Comments

Many older homes use radiators for heat.  Radiant heat is a preferred heating method for most properties since it doesn’t dry out the air the way that forced air heat will.  Plus, many people  enjoy the comfort of radiant heat because while forced air heat will provide a more consistent temperature throughout the house, radiant heat allows residents to control their own temperature by sitting closer or further away from the radiators.

However, while radiant heat is one of the more popular options, and many homes already have it installed, there are some maintenance issues that can come up with radiators.  Since radiators are powered by a boiler system and heated water, power flushing in Kent can be a needed service.

Radiators can get plugged up with sludge over time.  The water that flows through the system contains sediment, and the pipes themselves can rot on the inside, releasing rust.  This slowly builds up inside the piping system reducing water flow.  At that point, power flushing becomes a necessity.  If you have radiant heat, it is important to have your system assessed to see if it needs a power flush.  Always use expert services like those provided by ADI, to ensure that your system is properly cleaned.  Call on our expert technicians to get professional quality service: 0800 731 3843.

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