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Power Flushing in Norfolk is Part of Heating Maintenance

Posted on: October 13th, 2011 No Comments

Proper maintenance is the key to long life and optimal running of a central heating unit.  Many homes have combination units that provide both heat and hot water from a single boiler.  This saves both money and space since these units are compact and energy efficient.  However, radiant heath is vulnerable to sludge and sediment build-up in the pipes. Radiant heat works by pumping hot water through a system of pipes to warm radiators.  Metal retains heat very well and continues to radiate at a warm temperature even when the heating unit is off.  This allows home owners to obtain quality heat for relatively low prices.

To maintain a central heating unit that also provides hot water it is essential to obtain power flushing in Norfolk.  The sediment and minerals in the water leave deposits on the inside of the pipes.  Over time, these deposits can interfere with the free flow of water.  Power flushing in Norfolk removes the deposits and keeps water flowing swiftly through the pipe system.  When a system has a blocked pipe it can cause damage that is expensive to repair.  Maintenance is required to minimise the risks of damage.  If you want the reassurance of clean pipes, call ADI specialists on 0800 731 8343.

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