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Power Flushing in Berkshire

At ADI Powerflushing we offer a professional powerflushing service – our team of plumbing and heating engineers the best tools and a wealth of experience, so you get great results, every time.

Lots of people hear the term powerflushing and they’re not entirely sure what it means. Powerflushing is the use of a special pump to blast water through a central heating system to cleanse and clear the pipes of any slime and debris that may have accumulated. It’s a fact of life that in central heating systems blockages will gradually build up and occur, and it’s important you know who to call to remedy those blockages. The easiest way is by giving us a call for a no obligation quote.

Our powerflushing services are ideal for many situations including:

  • Flushing Brand New Central Heating Installations To Remove Debris Before Use
  • Central Heating Systems With Blockages
  • Noisy Boilers Caused By Deposits

If your boiler makes strange noises, or if you feel your central heating isn’t distributing warmth evenly, you should definitely give our helpline a call. We have a team of professionals on hand to take your calls and to advise you on whether or not our powerflushing service could be of benefit to your central heating system.

We provide our services to many different people including individuals and businesses. From central heating maintenance to a fresh system installation, there are many applications for a powerflush, and we’re here to serve anyone who requires one.

  • Insurance Claim Based Work
  • Residential Central Heating Powerflushing
  • Commercial Central Heating Powerflushing

Every single engineer we employ is covered by liability insurance, so you can rest in the knowledge that in the unlikely event the work goes wrong, it’s us that will pay for any corrective work. We’re confident it won’t come to that though, because we train our employees to the highest standard so our customers get a fantastic service, every time.

We operate around the UK, in Berkshire ADI Powerflushing services are available to all householders residing in the following towns:

If you want to discuss our powerflushing services in more detail with one of our powerflushing experts, or if you’d like to book our powerflushing service, please call our free phone line on 0800 731 3843.

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