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Need A Central Heating Sludge Remover?

Posted on: October 31st, 2011 No Comments

No matter how professionally or recently your central heating system was installed you’re eventually going to run into a problem with sludge clogging up the inside of your radiators and your boiler.

But where does this sludge come from in the first place?

You have water flowing through your central heating system and that same water contains tiny particles of dirt and sediment – no matter how well it’s been filtered. The same water can also have a corrosive affect on the copper pipes and other metal elements used in heating systems. This corrosion can lead to particles of iron oxide and other materials flowing around inside your boiler and radiators in greater and greater numbers until they turn into a sludge that eventually causes cold spots on your rads and serious problems with your boiler.

So is there some kind of central heating sludge remover you can buy? Well the honest truth is that the best way to remove all the sludge from your central heating system is to have it powerflushed by the team here at ADI – it’s the only way you can be certain the job was done properly.

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