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Power Flushing in Middlesex

We’re your number one powerflushing company! If you’re in need of a powerflush make sure you give our powerflushing experts a call for a competitive quote.

Most of us spare our central heating system very little thought, until it goes wrong that is. Some of the most common problems that occur include blockages and obstructions that develop over time. Corrosion and sludge both contribute to blockages in our central heating systems, and the most effective way to deal with them is by having ADI powerflush your system.

Our team of professional powerflush engineers will use the most advanced tools available to quickly and safely flush your system through. The specialist pump we use will send water through your central heating system at breakneck speeds, removing and dislodging any blockages present. The tools our employees are equipped with include:

  • Powerflushing Pumps
  • Automatic Descaling Pumps
  • Electronic pH Meters

Our team are all fully insured whilst they’re carrying out work on your property, so in the unlikely event that something did go wrong, you can rest assured it’s us that would be paying the bill. We recognize the importance of training, so we ensure that all of our employees are coached extensively so they know exactly how to use the equipment to clean your central heating system in a fast, effective manner.

From obstructions and blockages to strange noises coming from your boiler, the benefits and uses of powerflushing are numerous. Our services are especially useful for people with the following problems:

  • Boilers Making Noises Due To Unwanted Deposits
  • Existing Central Heating Systems With Circulation Issues
  • Flushing New Central Heating Systems To Remove Debris Before Use

If any of these problems sound familiar to you be sure to get in touch with us, we can help!

We operate throughout Middlesex and offer our service to the residents of:

We cater for individual customers as well as commercial customers, there’s no job too big or too small for us to complete.

If you would like to talk to one of the ADI Powerflushing sales team about the service that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us via our free phone number: 0800 731 3843.

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