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Why Use ADI

At ADI We Strive To Be The Best


  • We are a Registered Plumbing Company – registered with The Chartered Institute Of Plumbers & Heating Engineers

At ADI powerflushing we strive to ensure a quality service is completed to a high standard for each and every customer. All of our plumbing & heating engineers are fully qualified and have many years of experience in all aspects of plumbing, heating, powerflushing & non invasive leak detection.

  • Our top quality equipment & service

At ADI we only believe in using the best heating engineers and equipment. Our engineers only use the best powerflushing machinery on the market to ensure that we provide you with the best quality powerflushing service, this is backed up by only using top quality power flushing chemicals for either systems with cast or aluminium heat exchangers.  Using the wrong powerflushing chemicals on the wrong heating systems will cause extensive damage to your boiler, don’t let this happen to your heating system. Even if you do not decide to use our professional powerflushing services, please make sure that your powerflush is completed by a qualified engineer as an incompetent plumber could potentially create excessive damage to your heating system.

  • How long does a powerflush take?

The time taken to complete each powerflush varies depending on a few factors including the system, how dirty the system is and the number of radiators. A guide to a standard system is approximately 5 hours. ADI will only book one powerflush per day for our engineers, this is so that your powerflush can be completed with the highest level of care and attention to detail. When you use ADI you have the knowledge that our engineer is not rushing and cutting corners in order to get to his next job. You are our priority.

  • How can you be sure your powerflush has been completed to the highest standard?

Every powerflush completed by our qualified engineers is different, but the principles are the same. On arrival at your premises our engineer will check & record the PH level of your wholesome water (drinking water at your kitchen tap), they will then perform the same test on the water in your heating system along with carrying out a TDS reading (Total Disolvable Solids) this is so you have a reasonable understanding of how good or bad your heating system really is.

 Your engineer will then proceed with the powerflushing process, during which your entire heating system Will be thoroughly power flushed in sections (your primary flow and returns will be completed first, followed by the agitation & powerflushing of each individual radiator in your system, one radiator at a time)

After each section your engineer will check for PH and TDS levels and record your ADI powerflushing report. All sections of your system are powerflushed and recorded, you will receive a copy of your powerflushing report for your records.

  • Why do we bother doing these PH and TDS tests?

There are companies out there performing cheap powerflushing, in some cases the price doesn’t allow the correct quantities of the correct chemicals and time spent working on your system to cover the costs of performing a professional powerflush.

Here at ADI, we believe to be proving ourselves all through the powerflushing procedure is important to you in order to show you the

  • Value in our service
  • The true benefits of having a professional powerflush
  • Proof that the job has been completed
  • Proof that your heating system is more effective than when we arrived

We show you the value and benefits of our service along with proof of the improvements made to the effectiveness of your heating system by completing a comprehensive report that is easy to understand and shows proof of the results.

If you can not understand the report, please do not be afraid to ask your engineer as he will be pleased to explain it to you in plain english.

  • Professional, fast and friendly

As a company we aim to provide each and every customer with the best leak detection and repair experience possible, for this reason we only hire professionals within our industry and provide you with:

  • Registered plumbing professionals or gas safe registered engineers
  • All staff carry a good van stock to repair the majority of leaks quickly and efficiently.
  • All staff are covered by public liability insurance of up to £2 million
  • All staff are fully trained in all aspects of plumbing, heating and leak detection
  • We have a clear pricing policy with very competitive prices
  • All leak repair work is fully guaranteed
  • ADI is a CHAS registered company (Contractors Health & Safety)

The Managing Director

My pledge to you as a customer is to provide you with the best quality leak detection and repair service and to make your experience with us one that you will want to tell your friends all about.

(Registered Plumber, Registered Heating Professional)


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