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Power Flushing in North London

Keep your central heating ticking over nicely, our powerflushing service is ideal for removing blockages that may occur within your central heating system.

Often, the first thing we know about a fault with our central heating system is when it won’t work, usually that’s at a very inappropriate time. As the winters seem to get ever harsher, it’s a prospect that could send shivers down the spine of many; a few days or even a few weeks without central heating. Don’t let that happen to you, make sure your central heating system is in full working order.

Many people ask what powerflushing is, and it’s quite simple really , it’s where jets of water and chemicals are sent through the pipes in your central heating system at high speed in an effort to remove and dislodge and blockages that may have built up. Powerflushing removes blockages and this helps to improve circulation , and it could even stop your boiler making strange noises caused by these blockages and deposits.

Upon booking our services we will dispatch a team of trained powerflushing engineers to your address to assess the problem. Remember there’s no call out charge with ADI! The tools they will use to address the problem are state of the art and they include:

  • Powerflushing Pumps
  • Automatic Descaling Pumps
  • Electronic pH Meters

Our services are open to all individuals and businesses , so whether it’s your home central heating system that’s playing up, or even your works’, just give us a call. Our free phone line is an ideal way to get helpful advice from qualified plumbers , even if you don’t decide to go for our services.

  • Commercial Powerflushing
  • Residential Powerflushing
  • Insurance Based Work

Many problems that arise with central heating systems can be rectified through the powerflushing procedure, so make sure you check whether or not it could help fix your problem before splashing out for an expensive new central heating system. Remember that powerflushing may also be a good idea if you’re installing a new boiler , to rid the central heating pipes of any slime or deposits that may have collected.

At ADI we offer our range of powerflushing services to all residents in north London, including residents of the following postcodes:

You’d be well advised to give us here at ADI a call if you’re in need of a powerflushing service. You can reach our sales team using our free phone number, it is 0800 731 3843.

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