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Power Flushing in Dorking

Has your heating bill suddenly increased and you’re not sure why?

ADI provide a complete and thorough powerflushing service for Dorking and right across Surrey using some of the most advanced tools and equipment for this task such as:

  • Powerflushing Pumps
  • Automatic Descaling Pumps
  • Electronic pH Meters
  • Agitators

Powerflushing is the process of removing all the sludge and scale that builds up on the inside of any central heating system. The more of this sludge that builds up inside your boiler and radiators the less effective your heating is going to be which is the last thing you want for your home or business considering the types of bitterly cold winters we have ahead of us for the next decade or so.

You can hire ADI to take on any of the following problems:

  • Commercial and industrial powerflushing
  • Domestic and residential powerflushing

When you hire ADI you’re getting a team of professionals who are proficient in powerflushing but are also trained heating and plumbing experts. There are lots of other reasons for engaging the services of ADI like:

  • No Call Out Charges
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Fully Insured Engineers
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Work Is Guaranteed
  • Senior Citizen Discount

We are now delighted to be able to offer our powerflushing expertise to residents of Dorking and residents of:

  • Betchworth
  • Bookham
  • Box Hill
  • Effingham
  • Headley
  • Mickelham
  • North Holmwood
  • Strood Green

No matter where your home or business is in the UK we’ll be able to help you with your heating system.

Our friendly and helpful staff are waiting to chat with you now on 0844 858 4015 – our low cost telephone number.

We are proud to serve the whole of the United Kingdom with our Power Flushing Services, the page you have just read was created for you by our expert Powerflushing team who provide Powerflushing in Surrey, the team service the whole of the county while providing Power Flushing in Egham, Powerflushing Epsom and Powerflushing Esher.

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