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A Power Flush in Kingston Falls Under the Heading of Normal Maintenance

Posted on: October 15th, 2011 No Comments

Home maintenance and repair is a constant process.  The roof needs replacing every seven to ten years.  The windows need updating every twenty years or so, and the heating and air conditioning systems need to be serviced annually.  Before running either central heating or air conditioning, the units need to be cleaned, tested and prepped.  An air conditioning unit might need to have more Freon input and the filters changed.  A boiler may need cleaning and the radiators may need bleeding.  These are normal maintenance tasks.  During the course of the cleaning and testing, other problems can come to light.  A heating system could benefit from a power flush in Kingston.

A power flush in Kingston is an interior cleaning for your heating system.  An expert ADI technician will hook up a powerflushing pump to your pipes and run detergents throughout the piping system.  The pumps provide high flow rate with low pressure to properly clean the pipes.  They will also clean each radiator individually to ensure even heating.  This type of cleaning is not required every year, or even every other year, but it is necessary periodically, particularly when a new boiler is installed.  Call your power flush experts on 0800 731 8343 today, and have your system flushed to ensure that it functions year round.

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