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ADI Can Help With Central Heating Systems in Kent

Posted on: October 31st, 2011 No Comments

If you’re looking for help with your central heating in the Kent area then you’ve come to the right place because ADI are the leading central heating specialists in the Kent area. Our services are available to customers living anywhere in the UK on a wide range of central heating and plumbing issues. Your central heating system may have run for the last several years without any hiccups but sooner or later you’ll need to have the entire system flushed out to prevent any serious problems appearing later on.
What type of problems?

Well the main ones are cold spots on your radiators because of blockages that have developed inside your heating system because of dirt and debris floating around inside that’s eventually gathered in a few spots and started to cause real problems. Then you have to look at the issue of lime scale from hard water in your area. This can massively restrict the flow of water through your heating system and even lead to serious damage to your central heating boiler (if you have one).

In the Kent area ADI are the only company to call for central heating problems.

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