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Airlocks in central heating

Posted on: October 13th, 2011 No Comments

One of the most common domestic problems is airlocks in central heating systems. If you find that there is inconsistency in the heat of your radiators with some hotter or colder than others, the likely problem is an air lock. If your central heating makes a knocking or rattling noise, it is again, most likely to be an airlock.

A central heating airlock is simply air trapped in the system which prevents the free flow of water. Generally you can detect an airlock by simple touch. When the heating is switched on and warmed up, feel the bottom and top of a radiator. If the bottom is warmer than the top, it is likely there is air in the radiator. If the heating and radiator is on but the radiator is cool, it is possible it is completely filled with air.

It is possible to remedy airlocks in central heating with a bit of DIY, with a technique called radiator bleeding. It is advisable that if you have never done this before that you look up online how to do it. It is possible that you can actually make the problem worse.

Another problem that causes heat inefficiency is a build up of slurry in the pipes and radiators.
Both these problems can be cured effectively with a process called powerflushing. A water/chemical solution is pumped through the system and the high pressure low speed action clears the pipes. Although mainly used for cleaning, it will clear any air traps too.

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