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Central Heating Systems Powerflushing Can Help Prevent Mechanical Failures

Posted on: October 21st, 2011 No Comments

When your heating systems fails, it is important to ensure that the entire system is in full working order after a maintenance service.  Fixing the mechanical issue in a boiler, without dealing with the underlying cause, simply means that the system will break down again.  Diagnose the reason for the break down to avoid continuing high cost repairs.

Central heating systems power flushing is a necessary maintenance service to prevent repeated mechanical failures.  The sludge that can build up inside the pipes and radiators of your central heating systems can cause failures.  If you do not have central heating system power flushing services performed as is necessary, you could face continued repair costs.

ADI engineers can hook up a power flushing pump to your heating system and clean it out very quickly.  The pumps provide a high speed but low pressure water flow, to fully clear the system.  The high velocity feature allows the pump to push the water through the heating system and go against the flow created by the boiler.  High pressure could burst a pipe or cause leaks, but ADI technicians are well aware of the potential issues and can safely operate the specified equipment.  Call on ADI for an expert powerflushing service today: 0800 731 3843.

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