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Cost effective central heating repairs in the West Midlands

Posted on: October 11th, 2011 No Comments

What a nightmare it is when you step into the shower and are hit with a blast of cold water or there’s an early cold snap and the central heating won’t come on because the pilot light has gone out and even though you’ve followed the instructions you can’t make it work. These small things are sent to try us and small they may be but they need prompt attention.

Of course, your issue maybe of a much grander scale – you might be considering a whole new central heating system, a replacement boiler or some additional radiators.

It doesn’t really matter the size of job; when you’re looking for companies that carry out central heating repairs in the West Midlands, the criteria by which you assess their credentials remains the same.

You may think that reigniting the pilot light requires minimum skill so you can just call the sole tradesman whose number you found on a card pinned to the notice board at the local supermarket. But what guarantee does that give you? What happens if your pilot light goes out again the very next day or a couple of days later? What have you gained?
With a larger firm that guarantees qualified and skilled engineers you will find a willingness to identify the problem and offer a solution, rather than just someone who affects the repair and moves on to the next job.

Individual engineers at ADI are backed by the company set up so when you need cost effective central heating repairs in the West Midlands, call ADI on 0800 731 3843

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