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Power Flushing in Baldock

Are you worried about blockages or corrosion in your central heating system?

ADI Powerflushing provide a professional and thorough powerflushing service for all of Hertfordshire including towns such as Baldock. Our engineers use a range of the latest equipment in this field such as:

  • Electronic pH meters
  • Powerflushing Pump Systems
  • Automatic descaling Units
  • Agitators

Powerflushing is the process of cleaning your existing or new central heating system using specialized equipment to force water through the pipes at high velocity but using low pressure which in turn prevents damage to the existing piping. Powerflushing your heating system is a smart move if you’re either having trouble with the existing system, have a “noisy boiler” or if you’re installing a new boiler and can help massively reduce problems caused by sludge and scale build up in your pipes, boiler or radiators later on.

ADI have extensive and practical experience dealing with:

  • Domestic and Residential powerflushing
  • Industrial and Commercial powerflushing
  • Housing Association customer requests

Each one of our team is a trained plumbing and heating specialist so you’re dealing with registered professionals from the first moment you call us. We also offer our customers the following benefits:

  • No call out charges
  • All work guaranteed and insured
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Discount for senior citizens

We’re happy to offer our services to residents of Baldock and these other close-by areas also:

  • Ashwell
  • Bygrave
  • Caldecote
  • Hinxworth
  • Radwell
  • Wallington
  • Weston

Our professional powerflushing service is also available, of course, to customers anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Why not call us now on 0844 858 4015 so we can explain the huge benefits of our professional powerflushing service to you today?

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