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How to Flush Central Heating Systems

Posted on: October 11th, 2011 No Comments

Over time central heating systems become clogged with sediment and sludge. This restricts water flow and is detrimental to the system’s efficiency. It can even lead to a complete breakdown.

Modern Powerflushing makes the cleansing of the system a relatively quick and easy task. A Powerflushing pump is connected to the system at the most suitable point, often across the circulator pump couplings and water, sometimes containing cleansing agents, is pumped through at high velocity but low pressure. This loosens the deposits inside the system so that they can be flushed out using clear water, the rubbish being released through a dump valve.

All parts of the system, including radiators, are thus cleared of everything that might restrict water flow and so restored to full efficiency. Once the flushing process is finished, the system can be back on line again in a few minutes. The whole process involves minimal dismantling of the system and minimal disruption.

If you are concerned about how to flush central heating systems, call an expert. The professionals at ADI Powerflushing are experts at all aspects of Powerflushing and use the latest equipment to carry out your Powerflushing needs.
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