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Maintaining Your Pressurised Heating System

Posted on: October 31st, 2011 No Comments

A pressurised central heating system is one where there’s no feeder water tank involved. In the water tank reliant version a ball float was there to maintain a steady pressure in the central heating system with the extra water comes from the mains water supply once the ball dropped past a certain point – in much the same way that toilet cisterns work.

In the newer combination boiler systems there is no water tank present to maintain the water pressure level so the system needs to be topped up through something called a filling loop so that your central heating system is always working at a given pressure.

How can you tell what the pressure is? Well you’ll find a pressure guage located somewhere within plain sight because you need to monitor this and ideally top up your heating system on a regular basis. You should set a reminder for you to check the pressure level once per month.

Pressurised heating systems suffer from the same types of problems that normal central heating systems do such as sludge and the build up of lime scale inside them. So it’s still a great idea to call ADI Powerflushing to perform routine maintenance on your pressurised central heating system.

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