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The Cost of Power Flush Services is Worth A Lot; Like the Sudden Drop In Your Heating Bill

Posted on: October 21st, 2011 No Comments

When your heating maintenance service mentions that your system needs a power flush, it can come with a bit of sticker shock. Depending on who you’re dealing with a powerflushing procedure can seem quite expensive. A power flush on any property is a labour intensive process but it also helps prevent far more expensive problems from appearing later on – like having to replace several radiators and a boiler for example.

The cost of powerflushing also reflects the fact that technicians must be certified engineers to provide a high quality of service. The difference in your home heating bill will show you the reason why it is important to get a power flush service which over time more than pays for the service itself. After a power flush heating systems typically show a 15% improvement in energy usage so you’re also doing your bit to reduce global pollution.

When you need a home maintenance service like powerflushing, always call on the professionals. At ADI, we provide only the top level of service, using cutting edge technology to ensure that your pipes are fully clean when the flush is finished. Our engineers can even install a filter to prevent future problems for a small additional fee. Bring in the experts for your power flush service – call us now on 0800 731 8343.

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