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Your Central Heating Explained

Posted on: October 31st, 2011 No Comments

A central heating system can be both a very complex and a very simple system when you get down to it. At the heart of almost all central heating systems is a boiler and a fuel source for that boiler to create hot water to be stored there. The fuel source can be gas, oil or possibly even solar power with the newer systems.

The hot water in your boiler can then be either fed into the taps for your sinks or your bathroom. Or hot water can be sent through your central heating radiators to heat up all your rooms. And with older central heating systems once you heat one room you’re heating all rooms on all floors of your home regardless.

Newer central heating systems work on a zoned concept whereby you can heat either just the water in the boiler or the water for your radiators separately and all of this can be run on a timer so you’re using only the bare minimum of energy to keep your house warm and your boiled filled with hot water. After all what’s the point of spending money on gas or oil to heat your bedrooms during the day if the kids are away in school right?

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